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OmiPrive LogoWhen Niveet Nagpal decided to start creating fine jewelry, he had a lot to work with. Several generations of family before him had been gemstone carvers and dealers, and the business - Omi Gems - had a rich history and strong reputation for only dealing the finest of gems. Niveet's father, Omi, had taught him to have deep appreciation for the natural wonders they sold. Niveet's idea for the Omi Privé line was to use the jewelry design as a frame for each exquisite gem - allowing the gem to be the centerpiece of every work. He began immediately to collaborate with some of the most talented jewelry designers in the world, and won his first prestigious AGTA award with the first collection he produced. Today, Omi Privé is synonymous with fine, rare, color. If color gemstones inspire you, then Omi Privé jewelry is sure to delight.