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Red Diamond Ring -1.23 carat- by Todd Reed

Red Diamond Ring -1.23 carat- by Todd Reed
Red Diamond Ring -1.23 carat- by Todd ReedRed Diamond Ring -1.23 carat- by Todd Reedtrdr481-18ky-104_-_profile
Retail: $4,635.00 SALE Price! $4,635.00 Brand: Todd ReedTodd Reed

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Product Details

18k Yellow Gold
Fancy Diamond = 1.23 carats, Diamonds = 0.06 carats

All diamonds look alike, right?  Not when they are red.  This expertly faceted red diamond with autumn overtones is so beautiful and unusual.  Look closely at Todd's hand wrought artistry.  The fully faceted white diamond surround is a lovely compliment.  A bold, artistic expression of your love that does not look the same as anything else.

Todd Reed jewelry is handmade in Boulder, Colorado. The pieces in this collection are forged rather than cast, meaning there is no mass production.  Given the nature of this technique of making jewelry each piece has a unique finish. Like seeing brush strokes on a canvas, when you look closely, you’ll see the marks left by the jeweler.

  • This ring is finger size 6.75
  • Product code 147510